By Everyman, for every man, this simple, bifold wallet fits in both front and back pockets, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.  The 6-pocket design won’t hold a lot, but that only helps to maintain a slim profile, as does the 2mm full grain leather.  Despite it’s diminutive size, this is one hardy wallet that will stick with you for years to come without adding bulk, imprinting on pockets, or causing you undue discomfort when sitting.  It’s a win for men that don’t carry much. – Buy It
Smart and small, this wallet is designed with the modern man in mind.  Soft, flexible, cowhide leather won’t poke your pockets or scratch your iPhone and you’ll get three durable, replaceable elastic straps to keep your cash cargo contained.   This strip of leather only requires you to open it flat to place money inside, fold it into thirds, and snap the strap into place to secure it.  The idea behind Moneywrap isn’t new, but the streamlined styling and secure band ensure your wad of cash stays put. – Buy It
i started looking for a new wallet when my old one started deteriorating. the first thing that struck me was the look of the wallet. after 6 months of use it still looked very good. the only draw back is if you look closely under the right light you could see some scratch marks in the outer plastic layer over the carbon fiber. other than that it still looks amazing. the first thing i noticed about this wallet is that it was very stiff when opening. after about 2 months of use it got broken in. opening the wallet feels very natural now. another thing that bothered me was that for a while my ID would stick to the clear display slot. again, in about 2 months that went away. my favorite aspect about the wallet is that it has a divider to separate money from receipts and coupons. i never realized how useful that is until i got this wallet.
When I received my package, which arrived way ahead schedule, I was confused at first. There was no information that came with the product. No literature. Just a screwdriver, extra screws, and this metal looking thing that somewhat resembled a wallet. It is definitely smaller than I anticipated and I feel that it somewhat puts form over function. It's very tight and to actually find the card I need takes an extra 45-60 seconds to find. I know that sounds like an empty complaint but its true. I do like the product. It looks cool and I know my cards and cash are safe because of how tight the design is.
Carbon fiber wallets just exude so many qualities that you want in your carry goods.  Luxury, quality, strength & durability are just a few of the things that make “carbon fiber” the perfect material for creating a really cool wallet. What the makers below have done are taken the things mentioned above and crafted them into really modern looking, crazy functional, awesome ways to “carry”.  This list is updated for Christmas 2018, but will be continuously updated with the latest and greatest that we can find anywhere.